ISN SDC14 Challenge #3 Details
SDC14 Challenge #3 Details

Challenge 3: Cross Domain Fires

Cross Domain Fires involves employing joint and combined mutually supporting lethal and non-lethal fires across all domains to achieve effects designed to create multiple dilemmas for the adversary, achieve overmatch, and enable Joint Combined Maneuver. Army forces support Joint Force freedom of movement and action by projecting power from land across the air, maritime, space, and cyberspace domains and the electromagnetic spectrum, as well as influencing the information environment and human perceptions. Currently, fires focus largely on the ground and air domains. The future operational environment will demand fires that can also effectively operate across the maritime, space, and cyberspace domain and the electromagnetic spectrum. Fires systems must deliver fires; targeting efforts must support target identification, discrimination, de-confliction, and airspace control; and fire control through all domains.



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