ISN SDC14 Challenge #4 Details
SDC14 Challenge #4 Details

Challenge 4: Advanced Protection

Advanced protection capabilities are required due to the need for more capable forces with fewer transport and sustainment needs to meet expeditionary requirements, and the advancement of threat capabilities in lethality.

Modular Active Protection System (MAPS) initiative with standardized architecture for signal and data processing, plug-and-play sensor integration, hostile fire detection and networking. Apply vehicle appropriate hostile fire detection with multi-spectral sensor suites, such as hard and soft kill Active Protection Systems (APS), to all Army tactical vehicles.

Current equipment, clothing, and other protective measures do not provide adequate protection without adding significant mobility challenges. Force Protection partnerships will formulate S&T programs that increase the level of individual protection for Soldiers at reduced total weight and volume while enabling increased physical and mental agility, particularly over extended periods.



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