ISN Postdocs and Grad Students
Postdocs and Grad Students


Postdocs and Grad Students

The following 59 Postdoctoral Associates are currently working on ISN research projects:

Dimitra Achilleos, Chemical Engineering
Eilaf Ahmed, Chemistry
Ben Almquist, Chemical Engineering
Hiroki Ando, Physics
Juan Luis Aragones Gomez, Materials Science and Engineering
Peng Bai, Chemical Engineering
Samuel Buschhorn, Aeronautics and Astronautics
Wenjun Cai, Materials Science and Engineering
Kyler Carroll, Chemical Engineering
Jae-Byum Chang, Media Laboratory
Nan Chen, Chemical Engineering
Jeffrey Chou, Mechanical Engineering
Julio D'Arcy, Chemical Engineering
Duncan den Boer, Chemistry
Zhengtao Deng, Biological Engineering
Xuehui Dong, Chemical Engineering
Birgit Esser, Chemistry
Joseph Falkowski, Chemistry
Emmanouil Gkikas, Chemical Engineering
Li Gu, Chemical Engineering
Fei Guo, Chemical Engineering
Lorin Gutman, Chemistry
Sangil Han, Chemical Engineering
Martin Hautefeuille, Aeronautics and Astronautics
Baby Jayan, Chemical Engineering
Aurelie Jean, Aeronautics and Astronautics
Julia Kalow, Chemistry
Ido Kaminer, Physics
Katsuaki Kawasumi, Chemistry
Jae-Hwang Lee, Materials Science and Engineering
Sunghwan Lee, Chemical Engineering
Sebastien Lemire, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Albert Liao, Physics
Yun Lin, Chemical Engineering
Ling Lu, Physics
Roza Mahmoodian, Materials Science and Engineering
Oscar Miranda, Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies
Katherine Mirica, Chemistry
Brandt Pein, Chemistry
Polina Pinkhasova, Materials Science and Engineering
Guokui Qin, Chemical Engineering
Jens Ravnsbaek, Chemistry
Young Hoon Roh, Chemical Engineering
Adrian Rosolen, Aeronautics and Astronautics
Hossein Sojoudi, Chemical Engineering
Asli Ugur Katmis, Chemical Engineering
Arturo Vegas, David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research
Zheng Wang, Physics
Shizhen Wang, Chemistry
Minghui Wang, Chemical Engineering
Mary Welch, Chemical Engineering
Nikken Wiradharma, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Jie Yin, Mechanical Engineering
Elizabeth Young, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Lauren Zarzar, Chemistry
Sufeng Zhang, David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research
Yuan Zhang, Materials Science and Engineering
Hong Zhu, Materials Science and Engineering
Carlos Zuniga, Chemistry

The following 101 Graduate Students are currently working on ISN research projects:

Michael Abramovich, Aeronautics and Astronautics
Chibueze Amanchukwu, Chemical Engineering
Shabnam Ardakani, Mechanical Engineering
Reginald Avery, Biological Engineering
Joseph Azzarelli, Chemistry
Sarah Bates, Mechanical Engineering
Gauthier Becker, Aeronautics and Astronautics
Heather Beem, Mechanical Engineering
David Borrelli, Chemical Engineering
Nathaniel Brandt, Chemistry
Steven Castleberry, Chemical Engineering
Irene Chen, Chemical Engineering
Han-Jae Cho, Mechanical Engineering
Song Chua, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Robert Citorik, Biology
Samantha Collins, Chemical Engineering
Matthew Connors, Materials Science and Engineering
Anik Debnath, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Leora Dresselhaus-Cooper, Chemistry
John Fennell, Chemistry
Paul Folino, Mechanical Engineering
Kelvin Frazier, Chemistry
John Goods, Chemistry
Benjamin Grena, Materials Science and Engineering
Rachel Howden, Chemical Engineering
Chih Hung Hsieh, Mechanical Engineering
Bryan Hsu, Chemistry
Allen Hsu, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Chia Wei Hsu, Physics
Wei-Chun Hsu, Mechanical Engineering
Ting Yun Huang, Center for Materials Science and Engineering
Ognjen Ilic, Physics
Chukwunwike Iloeje, Mechanical Engineering
Douglas Jacobs, Mechanical Engineering
Intak Jeon, Materials Science and Engineering
Won Kim, Mechanical Engineering
Eunha Kim, Biology
Markrete Krikorian, Chemistry
Michael Laracy, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Jinhyuk Lee, Center for Materials Science and Engineering
Ludmila Leoparde, Biological Engineering
Erica Lin, Materials Science and Engineering
Andong Liu, Chemical Engineering
Denis Loginov, Materials Science and Engineering
Christopher Love, Mechanical Engineering
Sarah Luppino, Chemistry
Sayalee Mahajan, Chemical Engineering
Xianwen Mao, Chemical Engineering
Mackenzie Martin, Chemistry
Yves Matton, Mechanical Engineering
Alexei Maznev, Chemistry
Carolyn Mills, Chemical Engineering
Mark Mimee, Biology
Lionel Moh, Materials Science and Engineering
Priya Moni, Materials Science and Engineering
Heather Murdoch, Materials Science and Engineering
Timothy Murray, Mechanical Engineering
Michael Nair, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Sisi Ni, Materials Science and Engineering
Jacqueline Ohmura, Biological Engineering
Mehmet Onbasli, Materials Science and Engineering
Hoyoung park, Chemical Engineering
Adam Paxson, Mechanical Engineering
Christy Petruczok, Chemical Engineering
Daniel Peykov, Materials Science and Engineering
Roberta Polak, Materials Science and Engineering
Michael Rein, Materials Science and Engineering
Tiago Reis, Chemical Engineering
Jan Schnorr, Chemistry
Amelia Servi, Mechanical Engineering
Hafiz Shafi, Chemical Engineering
Yichen Shen, Physics
Chih-Jen Shih, Chemical Engineering
Steven Shimizu, Chemical Engineering
Marianna Sofman, Biological Engineering
Kevin Spencer, Materials Science and Engineering
Joshua Steimel, Materials Science and Engineering
Itai Stein, Mechanical Engineering
Veronika Stelmakh, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Xueyin Sun, Materials Science and Engineering
Eric Szablinski, Materials Science and Engineering
Tran Truong, Chemistry
Mike Tupek, Aeronautics and Astronautics
David Veysset, Chemistry
Muzhou Wang, Chemical Engineering
Xiawa Wang, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Li Wang, Physics
Xiaoxue Wang, Chemical Engineering
Wade Wang, Chemistry
Cyrus Washington, Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies
Jonathan Weis, Chemistry
Sunny Wicks, Aeronautics and Astronautics
Ji Wong, Chemical Engineering
Namiko Yamamoto, Aeronautics and Astronautics
Rong Yang, Chemical Engineering
Yu-Sang Yang, Materials Science and Engineering
Steven Yee, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Robert Yi, Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences
Youngmin Yoon, Chemistry
Zhenlong Zhao, Mechanical Engineering
Bo Zhen, Physics